Check out our range of Cloud Storage for Business and select right Option for you or register for a FREE account . All prices are a combination of storage size and users, making the value of each user the equivalent of £1/user or less. Plus No Contract.

Option 1

30GB Storage

10 Users

£8 / Per Month

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Option 2

100GB Storage

30 Users

£20 / Per Month

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Option 3

250GB Storage

50 Users

£50 / Per Month

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Option 4

500GB Storage

150 Users

£95 / Per Month

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Option 5

1TB Storage

250 Users

£195 / Per Month

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Option 6

2TB Storage

500 Users

£375 / Per Month

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Bespoke option.

If your storage needs are different to the available options. Please contact us with what size of storage you need and the number of users and we will quote you.

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All Buy Now Options are paid monthly, using PayPal with no contract. If you wish to pay annually, please let us know.

What is a User.  

Each option we offer has a number of users attached. Each user represents a staff member who will be given access to Filemenow . A user can be located anywhere in the UK or Abroad.

Example. Say your business owns 5 Centres. Staff located at each centre can share files issued by head office. They can add files for the other centres to share and all securely with end to end encryption.