Share files with Staff

Business Cloud Storage with a difference.

We only use UK Datacentres and if you’re not a techie person setting up your Cloud Storage system can be daunting. That’s why we offer telephone support to get you going.

Users and Storage. We offer lowest business user prices on the market. Plus we have the widest range of storage sizes. To suit small to medium size business from Childcare, Schools, Accountants, Sales companies and many more.

How It Works. Invite to staff to join you. Next create a group or groups and attach the invited staff to any of the groups created, this will allow them* to drag/drop upload, download, open and share files only in that group or the groups they are part of.

* Filemenow has a feature called roles which allows you to set what staff can and cannot do. Example one staff member can delete the others can’t. See more below.

Encryption. All Filemenow user connections are point to point encrypted. That’s why our services use OAuth2.0, OpenIdConnect and the servers are fully owned, privately operated at secure UK datacentres that meet ISO 27001 and other specifications to maintain the highest of security.

Under GDPR rules. You are responsible for all the data you look after. With Filemenow’s high security its safe to store all your documents and data and give you full peace of mind.

Check your files on the go

Create Users. Send an email to Invite a user to join you, disable or remove them at any time. Set what Storage limits a user has access to.

Create Groups and organise their files and folders. The users in the group can add files and share with others in the group only. As the owner you will be able to monitor this activity or add more users to the group.

Share Teaching aids.  When teaching you can at a touch of a button access teaching aids live from any location.

Share files at meetings. Meeting become easy to do with the ability to share minutes of meeting and agendas without printing and wasting paper and lots more.

Secure owner features.  As the owner you can authorise who can access what folder and file. Create secure user Groups. Set what each user can do.
Allow users that are not part of a group to delete their own files. Unless not allowed to delete from Account Owner.

Works on any device. You can access Filemenow on any device.

IIntegrated with EYFS optional. If you’re an ElitePathway user then the Filemenow is an option.

Business Solution Ideas

1/ With Filemenow user costs, makes it ideal for businesses that want to share files with clients or clients to share files with you.

2/ Sales Companies that need sales staff access files on the go.

3/ Businesses that have multiple outlets over the country. Filemenow will link them securely all together.

4/ If your a company that does a lot of projects that use sub-contractors. Filemenow will let you get the latest documents.

6/ Teaching giving you access to presentation file.

7/ UK Based companies that have international sale/management  teams that need to access up to date files 24/7.